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Hi Everyone.  I took a break from mosaics for a week to work on another project.  Thanks to everyone who helped me test the site while it was under construction.  I would like to announce Twitter Groups!  This site allows you to tag your followers into different groups and send them messages as a group instead of individually.  You can follow twgroups for the latest information.  Check out the site for more details.

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Sorry for the long delay. I’ve been working on another Twitter Project called Twitter Groups (more on that in a different post). Anyway, since it’s been so long I’m doing two mosaics this time. I asked for suggestions on the next movie posters to use, and I got a lot of replies of “Silence of the Lambs” and “Transformers”, so here they are!

Silence of the Lambs (original):

Silence of the Lambs Original

Silence of the Lambs (mosaic):

Silence of the Lambs Mosaic

Transformers (original):

Transformers Original

Transformers (mosaic):

Transformers Mosaic

Each mosaic had over 1500+ unique users! Keep reading for the list of everyone in the mosaics: Read the rest of this entry »

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I have a new project in the works, and I need some folks to help me test it.  I am trying to develop a site where you can tag friends for different groups and send messages to the group instead of individually.  I am not aware of another site/service that does this (it seems to be a pretty popular feature request for twitter), but if it already exists please let me know so I don’t waste everyone’s time!  If you are interested in helping me test this system, please follow jazzychad on twitter, and I will giving more info over the next few days.  Basically it involves letting me send you direct messages as I test the group message functionality.  I’ll try not to spam everyone, but it may be several messages… so if you don’t want me to run up your SMS bill, I’d suggest not volunteering :-)

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As of this post I have 2152 followers.  If everyone asks one of their friends that isn’t following me yet to add me as a friend I would have over 4000 followers, which would make much cleaner looking mosaics!  Tell your friends!

Please note: I am not trying to set a record for most followers on Twitter (which some people have accused me of).  I am merely trying to make the most rewarding mosaics possible for the people that are interested in this project.  I could use tons of random user icons, but I think it’s more fun when you are more likely to see your name on the list of people in the mosaic when I only use followers.

Ok, carry on.

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I’ve decided to do short series on movie posters as the basis for the next several mosaics. These images have lots of color and very interesting lines and curves. What could be a better movie to start than Soylent Green? IT’S PEOPLE! TWITTERMOSAIC IS PEOPLE!!!

Original Poster:

Soylent Green

Mosaic (IT’S PEOPLE!!!):

Soylent Green Mosaic

You can click to see the full thing. It weighs in at 870 KB.

There are about 1800 unique tiles. The names are listed below: Read the rest of this entry »

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06  Jul
We have a Sponsor!

…well kinda.  You might be noticing the “Sponsor” link in the sidebar… well, you might know that this site is part of the JazzyChad Network, but you might not know that one of our sister sites is was (and still is!) a little project that we started for fun, and it caught on so well that it was decided to use the income from SecureShirts to help with the financial upkeep of this site (hosting and domain costs), and to encourage us to create mosaics more often! They even said we could have a contest or two where we’d give away some shirts as prizes if you guys think that would be a good idea. All that they asked in return was for a link on the side…. hope you don’t mind too much.

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Here is one of my favorite images done twice. “The Blue Marble” was taken from Apollo 17 and has become one of the most famous images of Earth taken from space. I decided to try something a little different. I made a mosaic of the original image, and then I made a mosaic of the negative image. I thought it would be interesting to see how many unique avatars I could use by having complimenting color schemes. It turns out I used over 1900 unique images between the two, so chances are that if you are a follower you’ll be in at least one of these!

Original image:

The Blue Marble



Negative Mosaic:


One interesting thing to note is that both of them have a “halo” effect; that is, the border of earth is surrounded by a dark ring of black in the original, and a bright ring of white in the negative while the surrounding areas are more or less white/black noise…. pretty cool. Keep reading for list of users in each mosaic: Read the rest of this entry »

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