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Well, to find out about this site, you should probably read TwitterMosaic’s First Post! to get the whole story.

Add twitter_mosaic as your friend on twitter! I will add your icon to my database, so you might see yourself in one of the future mosaics.

To contact me, email “mosaic at twittermosaic dot com”

All of the mosaics are created with AndreaMosaic, an incredible photomosaic program by Andrea Denzler, using over 20,000+ user icons I have collected from  My goal is to use only the icons of my followers, but I still need a lot more for that to happen!  Tell your twitter friends to add me!

This site is not officially affiliated with or the folks who created it. This is merely a project I came up with for fun.

2 Responses

  1. Richi Says:

    great ,wonderful ideas

  2. rafeti Says:

    it’s just fantastic, a great idea.
    i hope you get good mosaics. me and some friends found out about this AndreaMosaic program and made some great photo mosaic which we printed on a large scale kind of spongy-back picture and gave as a present to a friend of ours.
    cheers! 8)

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