As of this post I have 2152 followers.  If everyone asks one of their friends that isn’t following me yet to add me as a friend I would have over 4000 followers, which would make much cleaner looking mosaics!  Tell your friends!

Please note: I am not trying to set a record for most followers on Twitter (which some people have accused me of).  I am merely trying to make the most rewarding mosaics possible for the people that are interested in this project.  I could use tons of random user icons, but I think it’s more fun when you are more likely to see your name on the list of people in the mosaic when I only use followers.

Ok, carry on.

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3 Responses

  1. Vanessa Stacy Says:

    Your wish is my command… I just added you as a Twitter friend. I love my Twitter. :)

  2. Twila_Zoned Says:

    I’m trying! I’m trying!

  3. Saki Says:

    I am now your follower. Good luck! Hey, do you take requests for photo mosaics?

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