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05  May

Do you use twitter?  Do you love t-shirts?  Check out

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If you like participating in web contests based on real-life events, then I think you’ll like our American Idol Contest for 2008. As of this writing, it isn’t up and running quite yet. We need to have the top 12 contestants picked first, and then it will open for registration. In the mean time, bookmark the page and check back in a few short weeks!

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I have been working on a new twitter bot called “rollthedice”. You can use it by following rollthedice on twitter and visiting for a list of commands. What is it useful for? Well, perhaps you’re stuck at the airport and want to play Yahtzee but you forgot your dice. Just send a direct message “roll 5″ and there you go! Are you playing DnD and lost your 12-sided dice? Send a direct message “roll 1 12″ to roll a 12-sided die, or “roll 2 12″ to roll 2 12-sided dice, you get the idea. Or maybe you need to settle a dispute by flipping a coin, but you have no change! Just send a direct message “flip” and rollthedice will flip a coin for you. Easy as pie. You can also deal cards or pick random numbers. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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I have been wanting to write a Twitter/Jabber bot. So I have created a simple twitter app called “Note To Self.” Basically it helps you track those “Note To Self” moments we have in life. Here’s how it works:

  • Follow @note2self on twitter
  • Send note2self a direct message with “hello” (this will “activate” you).
  • From then on, when you tweet “@note2self blah blah…” it will be tracked on the website, which is

It has been pointed out that there are similar services already in existence. That’s ok. The goal was to learn how to make a real-time twitter bot and make a simple, fun application for it. Perhaps in the future I will create something more complicated. In the mean time, I would love feedback on additions or ways to make this current project better!

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11  Dec
Winter Wonderland

Well, I’m getting in the Christmas mood and thought a nice Winter scene would be nice. I realize it is Summer in the southern hemisphere, so if someone has a Christmas-in-the-Summer type picture from down South, let me know!

This mosaic was made using my full set of 20,000+ tiles. I think it looks amazing. Special thanks to Fk1710 for the amazing winter wonderland picture!


Winter Wonderland

Mosaic (556 KB):

Winter Wonderland Mosaic


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Compete in my college football bowl game challenge here:

Feel free to enter as many times as you like. Tell your friends. Last year I had 104 entries. This year, with the power of the interweb, I am shooting for over 500 entries! Have fun and good luck!

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Hi folks! I know it’s been entirely too long since the last mosaic, but I’ve been frantically working on a couple of new projects. The latest one is a web tool to find apartments in the US using a map instead of having to search through pages and pages of listings like on most sites.

I will be adding many features in the coming days. So far there are over 10,000 listings! Check it out and leave comments on improvements or features I should add.

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First let me give a quick plug to my new Twitter Project: Twitter Pop Quiz! You can read my post here about it.

Ok, on to the mosaics! I got a great suggestion of “Casablanca” from Eiain. I found two versions of the movie poster: a color and a black and white version.

Original Black and White:

Casblanca BW
Mosaic Black and White: looks pretty cool for being made out of color tiles.

Casblanca BW Mosaic

Original Color:

Casblanca Color

Mosaic Color:

Casblanca Color Mosaic

There were over 1000 unique users in each mosaic. Keep reading to see them all: Read the rest of this entry »

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I have launched yet another Twitter project, and this time it’s a game! Announcing Twitter Pop Quiz at It’s pretty simple and hopefully will be a lot of fun. Here are the basic rules:

  • Follow popquiz so that you will see the trivia questions.
  • When you see a new question, be the first person to reply with the right answer to score the points!
  • Post an update starting with “@popquiz” followed by your answer to compete for that question.
  • Direct messages do not count!
  • Correct answers are awarded a random number of points between 1 and 100.
  • Tell your friends and followers! The more the merrier!

So go play, and let me know what you think.

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Hi Everyone.  I took a break from mosaics for a week to work on another project.  Thanks to everyone who helped me test the site while it was under construction.  I would like to announce Twitter Groups!  This site allows you to tag your followers into different groups and send them messages as a group instead of individually.  You can follow twgroups for the latest information.  Check out the site for more details.

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