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I have been wanting to write a Twitter/Jabber bot. So I have created a simple twitter app called “Note To Self.” Basically it helps you track those “Note To Self” moments we have in life. Here’s how it works:

  • Follow @note2self on twitter
  • Send note2self a direct message with “hello” (this will “activate” you).
  • From then on, when you tweet “@note2self blah blah…” it will be tracked on the website, which is

It has been pointed out that there are similar services already in existence. That’s ok. The goal was to learn how to make a real-time twitter bot and make a simple, fun application for it. Perhaps in the future I will create something more complicated. In the mean time, I would love feedback on additions or ways to make this current project better!

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  1. farrelley Says:

    How did you create the twitter bot. I am intrested in creating one. Did you use PHP? let me know who how did this!


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