Hi Everyone.  I took a break from mosaics for a week to work on another project.  Thanks to everyone who helped me test the site while it was under construction.  I would like to announce Twitter Groups!  This site allows you to tag your followers into different groups and send them messages as a group instead of individually.  You can follow twgroups for the latest information.  Check out the site for more details.

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  1. document.write("Markus Tressl"); Says:

    Gezielt Tweets an Twitter-Gruppen schicken

    Twitter Groups ist eine gute Idee für diejenigen, die nicht immer komplett an alle Friends und Followers einen Tweet los werden wollen und denen es zu mühsam ist, jeweils eine private Message an mehre…

  2. Markus Tressl Says:

    Awesome idea… thanks a lot for that. Really useful, just blogged in German about the Service!

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