I have a new project in the works, and I need some folks to help me test it.  I am trying to develop a site where you can tag friends for different groups and send messages to the group instead of individually.  I am not aware of another site/service that does this (it seems to be a pretty popular feature request for twitter), but if it already exists please let me know so I don’t waste everyone’s time!  If you are interested in helping me test this system, please follow jazzychad on twitter, and I will giving more info over the next few days.  Basically it involves letting me send you direct messages as I test the group message functionality.  I’ll try not to spam everyone, but it may be several messages… so if you don’t want me to run up your SMS bill, I’d suggest not volunteering :-)

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  1. KJ Says:

    Why limit it to SMS? Allow the system to accept SMS or E-mail for a contact, at a minimum. You could take it a step further and allow for messages to be sent to IM. I think that Pownce allows you to send messages to “groups”, but I’m not sure if you have to create the groups or if you tag them. I like the tagging idea best.

  2. twitter_mosaic Says:

    I’m not limiting it to SMS, I think it is up to the user as to how they want to receive messages from other people. So if SMS is on by default for someone, they will get it that way (unless they change it on a per-friend/follower basis). Basically, I don’t want anyone to get upset by receiving test messages at this stage. Follow at your own risk, I guess :-)

    I also know that pownce allows for group messaging… I am trying to implement this for Twitter as a proof of concept.

  3. snowman Says:

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