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Contest 1

Here’s something that will blow your mind…. this is a twittermosaic of a picture I took of some graffiti which is a picture of a real-life mosaic.  Does your brain hurt yet?

So here’s the contest.  Tell me what the real-life mosaic is, and where this picture was taken (bonus points for artist/creator of actual mosaic), and I will make you your own twittermosaic in return.  Ready go!  You can answer in the comments or with a direct message on twitter.

Contest1 Mosaic

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8 Responses

  1. Amade Says:

    Hey, great thing, but can you post this as png or some other not being optimized format, because it is a little blurry ;)

  2. Daniel Tome Says:

    Is that Gaudi’s Lizard?
    Place: Park Guell - Barcelona

    It looks like it :-)

  3. debolsillo Says:

    Is Gaudi’s Dragon in the Güell Park in Barcelona :) I love it.

  4. carballo Says:

    Is the Gaudi’s Lizard, but it was broken by a vandals 2 years ago.

  5. Okok Says:

    Yep, Gaudi’s lizard/dragon at the stairs of the main entrance to Park Güell -I live in Barcelona and love the park!

  6. Ash Says:

    The lizard at the entrance to Parc Guell in Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi.

  7. Gilles Misrahi Says:


    Well, I wouldn’t have recognise it so quickly. Some people think the Parc Guell is one of the coolest place in the world… I think Alhambra gardens are gosh.

    Best Regards.


  8. twitter_mosaic Says:

    Congratulations to Daniel Tome who was the first to respond! Lots of correct answers. I will be posting an official announcement soon after I hear back from Daniel.

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