In general, the only way that photomosaics are actually effective is to have a high enough resolution (i.e. large number of tiles) for the picture to be recognizable. Here I have taken a photo and made it in several different resolutions just for comparison.

Do you know what this might be a picture of? First we have 5 tiles across.

Cactus 5

Next, we go to 10 tiles across.

Cactus 10

It should start to be a little clearer now…

Next is 20 tiles across.

Cactus 20

I’m sure you can see it now…

Just for a really nice finish, here is 40 across.

Cactus 40

And just for complete clarity, here is the original.

Cactus Original

Thanks to Brinkidink for the link to this beautiful photo!

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3 Responses

  1. ThickShyMamita Says:

    Oh that’s nice! Can you do mine?

  2. 1389 Says:

    Perhaps I shouldn’t boast, but I figured out that it was a saguaro in the desert from the very first pic!

    BTW, I’m 1389 on Twitter…my icon is a little cartoon bear at a computer desk…

  3. Brinkidink Says:

    This is gorgeous! I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. Thanks so much for turning my photo into a twitter mosaic, it’s awesome!

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